While organizations have used emotional intelligence to develop leadership, sales, and customer-service competence for decades, the potential efficacy of emotional intelligence development in another, possibly more important aspect of organizational life is becoming evident.

In our world of do-more-with-less, where financial pressures abound, job complexity is high, and constant change is a new certainty, we experience elevated stress levels and daily experience of negative emotions. This, in turn, causes our thinking to narrow, our perspective limited, and a greater preponderance of reactionary behavior. We become more easily defensive or aggressive in our responses, more problem-focused, and readily forget the bigger picture. Interpersonal conflicts arise. These are ripe conditions for causing a rise in mental health and stress-related issues at work.

So, how can you develop emotional intelligence as an action to create a sustainable mentally healthy workplace?

In this article by Genos International CEO Dr. Ben Palmer, you can learn how to develop emotional intelligence to make your organization more mentally healthy.

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