Emotionally Intelligent Coaching

Emotional Intelligence, the most important skill of this year until 2025 according to the World Economic Forum, is being openly shared with anyone who would like to unlock the better or best version of themselves as we navigate from surviving to thriving.

Sharing with you some wisdom from Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli public intellectual, historian, and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also the author of the popular science bestsellers Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

These are his words: “I think the most important thing is to invest in emotional intelligence and mental balance because the hardest challenges will be psychological. Even if there is a new job, and even if you get support from the government to kind of retrain yourself, you need a lot of mental flexibility to manage these transitions.”

Another excerpt from the article: “And a weapon you will have [is] the psychological flexibility to go through this transition at age 30, and 40, and 50, and 60. The most important investment that people can make is not to learn a particular skill—’I’ll learn how to code computers’ or ‘I will learn Chinese’ or something like that. No, the most important investment is really in building this more flexible mind or personality.”


It’s time to share and sharpen your emotional intelligence learning by joining our pool of EI coachees as we promote a new service Emovation is offering for this year: Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Every Juan!

What’s in it for you?

  1. Learn about your emotional intelligence behaviors through our Genos Emotional Intelligence Workplace Behavior Self Assessment.
  2. Hone your emotional intelligence skills—the much-needed competency for 2021 to 2025 according to the World Economic Forum.
  3. Be a better version of yourself.
  4. Reach your goals!

What’s included in the program?

  1. Genos Emotional Intelligence Workplace Behavior Self Assessment—endorsed by the ICF as a coaching assessment and nominated four years in a row since 2017 as one of the top twenty assessments by the US Training Industry.
  2. Three one-hour session programs with only Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners.
  3. A developmental plan for the year.


Emovation is proud to present its roster of Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners and Coaches:

Bong Sace

Bong Sace is an excellent communicator, a trained resource speaker, a respected leader, and a seasoned event organizer. He has been adept in the conduct of Leadership trainings, communication and sensitivity workshops, team building, and various human resource management topics since 1998. He holds more than a decade of facilitation experience with DHL, 2GO, Toyota, HP, Megaworld, Monocrete Construction Phils Inc., TV5, SMDC, the Philippine National Police, DOH, DILG, DepEd, Philihealth, GSIS, and Pag IBIG Fund as part of his client list.

He is a Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and has incorporated the importance of Emotional Intelligence in his series of trainings. He received training for The 7 habits of Highly Effective People under the Franklin Covey Institute in 2004 and 2014 respectively. Attended the exclusive L.E.A.D seminar of Dr. John C. Maxwell last July 2015 held in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. He has attended numerous training under Mr. Francis Kong, Mr. Anthony Panglinan, Mr. Jonathan Yabut, Bro. Bo Sanchez, Bro. Arun Gogna, and Dr. Denis Waitley.

He holds a degree in BS Clinical Psychology from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and took up graduate units in the Ateneo de Manila University.

Cally Tiosejo

Cally Tiosejo is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner under Genos International thru Profiles Asia Pacific. She is currently a Freelance Resource Trainer for the BusinessMaker Academy and a Senior Financial Consultant for Pru Life U K. With a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management degree from St. Paul College Q. C., she is proficient in the areas of administration, management, sales, and marketing. She has more than ten years of training experience in the fields of Office Administration and Operations, Recruitment, Training and Development, Mentoring and Coaching, Sales and Marketing, Motivational Modules, and Customer Service Excellence.

A corporate trainer, she has conceptualized and developed the training programs of some of the leading Telecommunications Companies including ISLA Communications (ISLACOM) and Island Country Telecommunications Inc. (JASPAGE); IT Companies including HP Philippines and Axentel Philippines; Motivational, Sales, and Leadership Training programs for the Financial Industry most specifically in the Life Insurance that of which is Pru Life UK.

A freelance consultant providing services and business acumen in the fields of HR & Admin Management, Sales & Marketing, Business Operations, Project Management, and Customer Service in various industries namely: Telecommunications, Local and Overseas employment, IT, Hospitality, and Real Estate. She actively partners with business leaders to identify process gaps and improvement opportunities related to training, communication, soft skills, customer service skills, support staff skills, and industry-specific matters. She provides and recommends solutions upon determination of said weak and areas for improvement.

A resource speaker for Financial Wellness, she aims to promote and educate the importance of saving and preparing for the future. She partners with HR practitioners to fulfill this advocacy of educating the Filipino workforce on having financial freedom upon retirement. She currently holds and conducts COP (Career Orientation Programs) to exclusive schools and universities promoting the Financial Consultant career thru the OJT/ Internship Programs of said schools. She partners with CPO (Career Placement Office) leaders to inspire graduating students and undergrads of said school.

A resource speaker and most sought after for Motivational and soft skills programs. She specializes in bringing out the best in people. She strongly stands against depression and hopelessness and promotes creating purpose and meaning in peoples’ lives.

Penny Bongato

Penny Bongato is the Executive Director for Talent Development of the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) has more than 30 years of work experience, 20 years of which have been focused on human resource management in the industry and 8 years in academe. As talent development Executive Director at Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), she manages all human capital-related initiatives for the Roadmap 2022, including implementing the current portfolio of initiatives, working with stakeholders to refresh the portfolio, anchoring the human capital technical working groups, and launching and monitoring the industry-academe-government Partnerships program. the IT-BPM companies.

She has been in the IT-BPM industry for 20 years. She was employee no. 1 of Convergys in the Philippines, the largest contact center in the country. She was also Regional HR Director for the Asia-Pacific at Headstrong Philippines, now GenPact.

She is also a motivational speaker, success coach and trainer having trained under Jack Canfield himself (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles among others) on the Success Principles. She also delivers talks and keynote speeches on Leadership, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, and Employee Engagement. Penny’s story, Proudly Filipino, can be found in Jack Canfield’s latest book, Living the Success Principles. Her book, Career Shift, was released in December 2017.

An engineer by education, Penny completed two engineering degrees—Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management Engineering at De La Salle University. She completed her Masters in Business Administration, Regis Program at Ateneo Graduate School of Business. She is also a part-time faculty at De La Salle College of St. Benilde, teaching at the Human Resource Management Program.

Jose Alejo

Jose Alejo is a dedicated, innovative, pragmatic, constructive, creative, patient, and conscientious coach, career development advocate, a proponent of mental health and positive psychology, and game-changer. He has years of experience in counseling adolescents and young adults, providing career guidance and career coaching, assessment, program design, data collection, and review.

Jose earned doctoral units in Psychology/Counseling Psychology from the Manuel L. Quezon University and the De La Salle University, an MS major in Guidance and Counseling from the De La Salle University-Manila, and a Bachelor of Arts Major in Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas-Manila.

Jose has extensive psychology and counseling experience, publishing numerous research papers throughout his career and working for various organizations. Some of them include being a Drug Addiction Counselor and Psychologist for the Parañaque Drug Addiction Center from 1990 to 1991, a College Counselor to College of Computer Sciences, Secretary to ASPPEP (Association of Sports Psychology, and Physical Education of the Philippines) in 2009, Director of the Office of Guidance and Counseling from 2006 to 2009, a Registered Guidance Counselor and Registered Psychologist for the College of Law of the De La Salle University, a CDAP Board Member from 2011 to 2016 and Vice President from 2016 to 2019, and just last year, he became the Counselor-Psychologist for the In Touch Foundation. He also became a Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner in 2020.

Ruby Mañalac

Ruby Mañalac is currently the COO of Emovation, Inc., the business unit of emotional intelligence and proud affiliate of The Profiles Group of Companies. Her passion, and purpose, is to spread emotional intelligence with innovation as she advocates healing a currently hurting world while bringing out the best in the performances of people.

She has been with The Profiles Group of Companies for about 14 years as one of the pioneers during the company’s inception in 1999. She has served in different capacities and has risen from the ranks to her present role.

Ruby, as a dedicated practitioner of Emotional Intelligence, was interviewed on ANC and CNN regarding this subject matter.

Ruby has attended EI certificate courses twice in Sydney, Australia, and was invited as one of the international speakers in the GENOS Singapore International Conference year 2018 for best practices of EI. She was also part of the delegation that attended the GENOS Hawaii, USA International Conference in 2019. She has had over a hundred talks and seminars about emotional intelligence and the response have been wonderful.

She espouses that her greatest learnings on emotional intelligence are through practice and through life with her saying, “It is best to start taking the first step and progressing.”

Eric Caeg

Eric Caeg is a Professional Coach (ICF) whose focus is on Business Coaching. Currently, he is a Business and HR Consultant for various companies in the Retail, Food, and Manufacturing Industries.

His professional expertise is in the areas of Human Resources, Organizational Development, Sales and Operations, and Marketing. From his 20 plus years of working, he has served in various capacities rising from the rank from Junior Marketing Assistant to Sales & Marketing Head, General Manager, and as Human Resources Director.

He attended a Diploma Course on Managing and Measuring Corporate Performance, at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and another Diploma Course on Retail Excellence, at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Center for Continuing Education where he is also a recipient of the Program Director’s Award. Mr. Eric also has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship obtained from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2001 where he is a recipient of the Guru’s Commendation. He has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, San Beda College Manila, Major in Marketing, and is awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Marketing Student Award of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). In 2016, he became a Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

His involvement in various professional organizations include being an incoming 2017 Board Member and Director for Government and Consumer Affairs of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), a member of the Executive Committee and Deputy Chairman for the Membership Committee, International Coach Federation Philippines (2016-2017), a member of the Philippine Retailers Association, the largest Organization of Retailers in the Philippines, a member of the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc., the Leading Organization of the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and in 2005, he was the past president of the Don Bosco Alumni Philippine National Federation (DBAPNF), the umbrella organization of all the Alumni Associations of Don Bosco schools in the Philippines, where he is still a member.

Eric is also an Author for the Black Card Books, an International Publishing Company led by the best-selling author of the Millionaire Mind, Mr. Gerry Robert.