Why Stop Learning: Employee Development in Times of Crisis

The current crisis has seen a downturn in the economy and a lot of organizations have felt the repercussion of the pandemic. Organizations are looking into their fiscal books, cutting costs, and doing a lot of sacrifices to keep business afloat. One of the cost-cutting measures more often than not would be limiting employee learning and development initiatives. The question now is, will this positively impact organizations in the long run. Gallup did a survey in 2019 on employee engagement and part of the results is showing that “employee engagement is determined by factors such as feeling clear about your role, having the opportunity to do what you do best, having opportunities at work to develop, enjoying strong coworker relationships and working with a common mission or purpose.

If you are the leader, HR, Learning and Development professional, progressive thinker, and going with the second wave of thriving and being ready for massive recovery and success when the pandemic is over then share your thoughts with us by joining our complimentary webinar.


a. Q and A discussion
b. Why Learning Should STOP?
c. Employee Development in Times of Crisis Outcomes
d. Learning Options

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Elevate the Human Experience for the Employee: Mental Health in the Workplace

This webinar will feature relevant Mental Health Law provisions and the corresponding legislations that employers have to comply with. This topic will be discussed by Dr. Ma. Teresita Cucueco, Director IV of the Bureau of Working Conditions.

In today’s trying times, mental health issues among employees can affect morale, productivity, and profit.

The need to elevate the human experience in the workplace is based on the reality that employees are the ones who take care of the customer needs and propel critical activities. Business continuity relies on the Well-Being of employees who are sustaining the operations.

This learning session will feature relevant Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) which you can implement as your company works towards complying with the Mental Health Law and as your organization ensures that the workforce remains resilient to any crisis or disruption.


Program Agenda:

  1. I. Welcoming Remarks Dr. Jocelyn Pick
  2. II. Prayers Ms. Ruby Mañalac
  3. III. Program Expectations by Ms. Ruby Mañalac
  4. IV. Keynote Speaker Introduction by Dr. Jocelyn Pick
  5. V. Keynote Topic: D.O. 208 Series of 2020 — Expectations from Organizations by Dr. Ma. Teresita Cucueco, Director IV of the Bureau of Working Conditions
  6. VI. Topic: Mental Health Awareness by Mr. Erron Christopher Bacalan, RPm
  7. VII. Topic: Coping with Mental Health Challenges by Dr. Mariel Kristine Rubia, RPsy
  8. VIII. Topic: Organizational Wellness by Dr. Maria Vida Caparas, RPsy
  9. IX. Topic: Emotional Wellness by Ms. Ruby Mañalac
  10. X. Topic: Career Pathing or Transitioning by Ms. Abegail Pulma Tongco
  11. XI. Question and Answer
  12. XII. Acknowledgments and Reminders


About the Keynote Speaker:

Ma. Teresita S. Cucueco, MD, MOH, FPCOM, CESO II, has been working for the government for over ten years with expertise on policy and program development on matters concerning working conditions and safety and health.

She has contributed to the Republic Act 11058 known as the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Law and its implementing rules and regulations under the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Department Order 198-2018. She also contributed to other DOLE Department Orders such as D.O. 202-2019, the implementing rules and regulations of the Telecommuting Law; D.O. 178-17, the Safety and Health Measures for Workers Who by the Nature of their Work Have to Stand at Work; D.O. 182-17, the Guidelines Governing the Employment and Working Conditions of Health Personnel in the Private Healthcare Industry; and more. She also spearheaded the revision of the Philippines Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

Currently, she’s the OIC-Assistant Secretary for the Department of Labor and Employment since February 2020 and also the Director IV for the Bureau of Working Conditions since 2017. She was previously the Executive Director for DOLE’s Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC-DOLE) for seven years, from 2010 to 2017.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines-Diliman with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has postgraduate academic units in Occupational Safety and Health from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. She has also obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree from the De La Salle-EAC College of Medicine and a Masters in Occupational Health (MOH) from the University of the Philippines College of Public Health.

GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification Philippines 2020

GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification Philippines

The Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI) Certification Program is specially designed to make you the expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

You will leave the certification program being able to:

  • – Design and sell emotional intelligence solutions.
  • – Develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results.
  • – Provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace.
  • – Design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions.

This is an event for those who would like to add a Certification in the Emotional Intelligence competency—a competency to be needed by all year 2020 moving forward. This is an event for everyone who espouses change, continuous learning and development, empowerment of oneself, and others.

The Genos EI Certification Program is designed for learning and organizational development professionals, human resource consultants or managers, executive coaches, and organizational psychologists. This is a must-have competency moving the forward year 2020 to the future. The new world is demanding that soft skills which are the hardest to develop should be harnessed. This is the differentiating factor that will make your organization thrive in a world where change and uncertainty seem to be the norm.



The Genos EI Certification Program is designed for learning and organizational development professionals, human resource consultants or managers, executive coaches, and organizational psychologists.



Phase 1: Completion of your Self-Assessment EI Workplace Behavior Feedback Report

Before the course, you will be invited to complete your own Genos Self-Assessment Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour Feedback Assessment. After the course, one of the Genos Master Trainers will debrief you, providing you with your personalized Self-Assessment Workplace Behaviour Feedback Report and Development Tips Workbook.


Phase 2: An engaging 6-day online course with Genos Master Trainers (3 hours per session)

Session 1 on September 7, 8, and 9, 2020, from 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

The following topics will be covered:

  • – The Science of Emotions
  • – Emotional Intelligence and the 6 Skills
  • – The Business Case
  • – Assessment Overview
  • – Best Approaches to Assessment and Debriefing
  • – Assessment Options
  • – Interpreting Results
  • – Debriefing Results


Session 2 on September 16, 17, and 18, 2020, from 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

  • – Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and the 6 Skills
  • – Features of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report
  • – Leadership Assessment Options
  • – Best Approaches to Assessment and Debriefing
  • – Group Debriefs
  • – Alternative Measures
  • – Successful Project Execution and Program Details
  • – Presentation of the Study on the Benchmark for the Emotional Intelligence Behaviors of Filipinos
  • – Presenting the Genos Emotional Climate Index
  • – Certification Next Steps


Phase 3: Debrief Case Study Session with another Master Trainer

A master trainer will debrief you of your actual Self Emotional Intelligence Developmental Assessment results. This will include one-on-one coaching. Finally, to complete your Certification, you will be given the opportunity to debrief the results of a sample or actual Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report with another Genos Master Trainer who will act out the character in the scenario. You will be provided feedback on the debrief session, with the ultimate goal of ensuring you are able to apply the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment tools effectively and confidently. This session will take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours.


Upon Completion:

Your journey begins as a business partner with Genos and it was the best decision you could have made for yourself, your business, and your clients.

A step-by-step guide is provided to you to map your entire journey as a Genos EI practitioner along with access to the free Member Only Resource Portal to further assist you in learning about, selling, and utilizing the Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Enhancement Programs and supporting resources.



Upon successful completion of the program you will be able to:

  • – Explain the Genos model of emotional intelligence
  • – Discuss the Genos emotional intelligence assessments and their unique features, including developing emotional intelligence in comparison to other measures
  • – Discuss the business case for emotional intelligence
  • – Design effective emotional intelligence development solutions
  • – Facilitate an interpretation of assessment results
  • – Facilitate a development plan
  • – Execute an emotional intelligence assessment project
  • – Facilitate an introductory emotional intelligence session
  • – Bring the workshop to the workplace



The benefits of becoming a Genos Certified Practitioner:

  • – Association with the most well-recognized and respected organization for applying emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • – Access to an international network of over a thousand certified learning, organizational development, human resources, and executive coaching professionals
  • – Access to our members-only resource portal, containing all of our latest presentations, workshops, proposals, marketing material, case studies, and research
  • – Support from leading experts in the field including academics and highly-experienced practitioners
  • – A full Genos Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment report



This learning investment for this online certification program is Php 25,000 + VAT inclusive of your Genos Self-Assessment EI Workplace Behavior Feedback Report, the 6-day online training session, a hard copy of the certification manual (shipping fee not included), access to the website and resource portals, and the certificate.

You could also opt to attend the online certification program exclusive of the hard copy of the manual for only Php 20,000 + VAT.