What is Emovation?

Emovation helps professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience.


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GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification

Programs to be certified as GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioners in partnership with GENOS International, Sydney, Australia, the leader in Emotional Intelligence initiatives globally is part of our core offerings. There are over 100 GENOS EI Certified Practitioners in the Philippines to date. These are individuals who chose to do so for their organizational development or as independent consultants who would like to add an area of expertise into their portfolio. True to the tag line, “Game changing for business, life changing for people”, the learnings goes beyond just equipping people with skills to leverage their careers but to become more relevant in the era of Artificial Intelligence.


GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Our partner, GENOS International with Swinburne University developed several Emotional Intelligence Assessments based on robust research and over ten thousand (10,000) sample population. It might be surprising to know that emotional intelligence competencies and behaviors are universal and generic except for a few nuances. Whether it be for talent selection, management and development, our assessment offerings will be able to answer your People Management and Development initiatives.


EMOVATION Intelligence Learning and Development

Our programs are highly adaptive and are behavioral based such that changes are very much apparent even after the first session. When the affective takes place and learning and development takes precedence over reflection, the magic happens. There is a willingness to “positively change” for there is accountability when one reflects. Our programs can be anchored on the assessments or can stand alone. Each program is ensured to be suited to your goals and can vary from short term to long term programs to ensure the application of the learnings.


EMOVATION Intelligence Consulting

We would like to have organizations where collaboration, trust, creativity, teamwork and innovation thrive and are lived. We create such cultures by conducting the GENOS Emotional Culture Survey. Based on the results of the survey, customized programs are developed best shared through bite sized implementations we call, “From the Workshop to the Workplace.” As an example, CORE Values by definition and action. How does an organization behaviorally identify their CORE values? These should be the DNA of every organization. We support this kind of initiative.


EMOVATION Intelligence Coaching for Leaders

The essential of coaching in Leadership is an often overlooked component. But behind every great leader is a self-less coach. Anchored on science through our emotional intelligence assessments, our coaching are based on situations and easy to absorb and apply behaviors to future proof leaders. According to the World Economic Forum, “Moving forward to 2020 onwards, emotional intelligence is a must have competency.” Leaders should lead the way first.


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