Elevating Human Capacity to the Fullest

Emovation Inc. (EMV) is a business unit focusing on adaptive emotional intelligence assessments and programs designed to promote peak performance, collaboration, and work-life balance within organizations. “Emovation” comes from a mash-up of “Emotional Intelligence” and “Innovation”, two of the most essential competencies of the future according to the World Economic Forum.

We help professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership, and resilience, and are designed to elevate human capacity to the fullest and equip individuals with one of the most needed skills of the future.

Our Solutions

Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Emovation, as the authorized distributor of Genos International, one of the top twenty assessment and evaluation companies by Training Industry for five years in a row, boasts a wide range of emotional intelligence assessments you can use for your organization—may it be for examining emotionally intelligent workplace behavior, leadership, and sales behavior. We also offer assessments that you can integrate into your recruitment process and determine the current state of emotions in your workplace. Whether it be for talent selection, management, and development, our assessment offerings will be able to answer your initiatives. So, select the right tools for the new world towards a better world by contacting us today!

Select the Right Tools for the New World Today

Emotional Intelligence Learning and Development Programs

Emovation, in its bid to elevate human capacity to the fullest, takes care of the most important asset of your organization—the heart and soul. Our programs are behavior-based and highly adaptive. As such, you can see apparent changes to your team even after the first session. Our programs can also be assessment-based or stand-alone. Each program is developed to be suited to your goals and can be short-term or long-term to ensure learning application.

Develop Emotionally Intelligent Employees

Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program is a program designed to make you the emotional intelligence expert in the workplace. By attending this certification, you enable you to design and sell emotional intelligence solutions, develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results, provide practical tools and techniques for applying and being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace, and design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions. Not only that, being a Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner also makes you a part of a close community of like-minded people, with over a hundred just in the Philippines alone! The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification program is truly game-changing for business and life-changing for people, with learnings that go beyond just equipping you with skills to leverage your career but also to become more relevant in this rapidly-changing world.

Be a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Emotional Intelligence Consulting

In your mind, what is a great place to work in? We, at Emovation, can make it happen! It’s our mission to have organizations where collaboration, trust, creativity, teamwork, and innovation are practiced and thriving. We can help you create such culture in your organization through the Genos Emotional Culture Index, a survey designed to measure the three dimensions of emotions at work. Based on the results of the survey, we customize and develop programs that can be shared through normal and bite-sized implementations.

Transform Your Organization

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Empowerment is for everyone. And one of the ways that you can empower an employee or even a leader is through coaching, especially with the use of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a continuously rising skill for the present and the future that can be learned through coaching. We have a team of Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners and professional coaches who can guide and support you in making emotional intelligence your competency in business and life. This coaching program is also coupled with the internationally-acclaimed Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments, making it a journey worth the lessons of a lifetime. This coaching program is perfect for individuals to start and sharpen their emotional intelligence skills, and for leaders to go beyond mindful and heartful leadership.

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It is the most authentic, most honest 360 feedback I have received. I love the fact that it looks at behaviors that we as leaders can work on and get immediate impact.

Pen Saulo, NNIT Philippines Inc.

It was very helpful not just with the workplace but also with everyday living.

Raffy Condena, Continental GBS Manila, Inc.

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