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Officially launched in April of 2019, Emovation Inc. is a part of the Profile Group of Companies. We anchor our solutions on one of the most-needed competencies of the future according to the World Economic Forum—emotional intelligence.

We follow the Genos model of emotional intelligence with six core competencies—self-awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, self-management, and positive influence.

We have already provided several organizations assessments and programs to elevate the humanness within their companies for a kinder, more caring, agile, and highly productive work environment.

Watch the interview below with one of our program participants and learn how the experience has helped them!


Our mission at Emovation Inc., as part of the Profiles Group of Companies, is to be the number one provider of training programs and assessments for emotional intelligence (EI) in the Philippines. We will do this through continuous application and learning of emotional intelligence using excellent training facilitation, marketing strategy, science, service, team philosophy, and sales channels.

We commit to live by the same principles as The Profiles Group of Companies—using collaboration and self-empowerment to serve as a model for organizations to create a work environment that drives continual personal growth.

We will, at all times, maintain our principles and integrity, honesty, and quality while using emotional intelligence to practice what we teach, to be an agile and flexible business unit answering to the needs of the people and in a timely fashion.


We want to help build a Filipino society that: values its people; inspires people to empower themselves, fosters personal growth, and creates opportunities for individual prosperity.

Elevating the human capacity to the fullest.

Emovation About Us
Emovation About Us
Emovation About Us
Emovation About Us

Core Values

Emovation Core Values_1


We are in business to succeed and to help our clients succeed.

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We can’t succeed unless we work together towards common objectives and goals. Our business is complex, and the competition is fierce. We strictly adhere to a shared vision to foster better employee engagement.

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Sales Excellence

We sell and expect excellence in our sales strategies, processes, skills, and technologies. We left behind average forever because average nets little!

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Operational Excellence

We will never stop developing our operational effectiveness and efficiency. Our clients and partners can sleep well knowing they can trust us 100% to support their mission-critical processes.

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Client Results

We will demonstrate, document, and drive real results for our clients. These efforts build client loyalty and reference cases that help drive future sales.

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Professionalism and Integrity

We strive for true excellence and will never compromise our standards or values. We will provide honest, constructive feedback to co-workers if they fall short of our expectations. We always conduct business using the highest of ethical principles.

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Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional intelligence (EI) is about the ability to reason and solve problems based on the emotions we experience. As advocates, we will always do our best to abide as an emotionally intelligent team aware of our emotions and the impact our decisions, behavior, and performance have on the people around us. We also know how our team behavior impacts those we serve.

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We work with the ability to sense others’ emotions and combine it with the ability to resonate with what they might be thinking or feeling. We do this to help better understand and communicate with those whom we serve to build stronger relationships.

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We are always willing to listen to others, learn from others, and accept that no one has a monopoly on any subject matter. We will couple this with curiosity and genuine acceptance of the meaning of service to others.

About the Team

Ruby Mañalac, Chief Operating Officer

Hi! I’m Ruby, a certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner since November 2016. The Genos certification program made such an impact on my life. So much that now, I’m championing it as a must-have competency due to its behavioral nature.

To learn more about emotional intelligence, I have attended various seminars and conferences in and out of the Philippines. My passion for Emotional Intelligence gave me another purpose in life—that is, to share Emotional Intelligence with others to create fluency and harmony in our highly digital, agile, and fast-changing world. My relentless pursuit in making emotional intelligence a business and life byword led to the creation of Emovation in April 2018.

Ms. Ruby Mañalac - COO of Emovation Inc.

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