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A person’s level of emotional intelligence is assumed to be the factor that enables how well they control their behavior.

In our complimentary session this January, we will explore how emotional intelligence works with behavior, specifically, using the DISC personality model to enable organizations to help their people thrive.

This learning session will also introduce you to DISC Flow®, the latest assessment from the UK that combines the power of the traditional DISC model with emotional intelligence to create a more actionable, focused, user-friendly, and powerful tool for anyone in the organization.

Event details may be subject to change without prior notice.

The agenda includes:

  • Introduction to DISC
  • The DISC Flow® Model
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • How DISC and EI Connect

Total and Timeless Leader Facilitator — Ms. Ruby Mañalac

Ruby Mañalac is currently the COO of Emovation, Inc., the business unit of emotional intelligence and proud affiliate of The Profiles Group of Companies. Her passion—and purpose—is to spread emotional intelligence with innovation as she advocates healing a currently hurting world while bringing out the best in the performances of people.

She has been with The Profiles Group of Companies for about 14 years as one of the pioneers during the company’s inception in 1999. She has served in different capacities and has risen from the ranks to her present role.

Ruby, as a dedicated practitioner of Emotional Intelligence, was interviewed on ANC and CNN regarding this subject matter.

Ruby has attended EI certificate courses twice in Sydney, Australia, and was invited as one of the international speakers in the Genos Singapore International Conference year 2018 for best practices of EI. She was also part of the delegation that attended the Genos Hawaii, USA International Conference in 2019. She has had over a hundred talks and seminars about emotional intelligence and the response have been wonderful.

She espouses that her greatest learnings on emotional intelligence are through practice and through life with her saying, “It is best to start taking the first step and progressing.”

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