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This webinar will feature relevant Mental Health Law provisions and the corresponding legislation that employers have to comply with. This topic will be discussed by DOLE’s Senior Labor and Employment Officer, Ms. Jennifer Obien.

In today’s trying times, mental health issues among employees can affect morale, productivity, and profit.

The need to elevate the human experience in the workplace is based on the reality that employees are the ones who take care of the customer needs and propel critical activities. Business continuity relies on the Well-Being of employees who are sustaining the operations.

This learning session will feature relevant Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) which you can implement as your company works towards complying with the Mental Health Law and as your organization ensures that the workforce remains resilient to any crisis or disruption.


Program Agenda:

  1. I. Welcoming Remarks Dr. Jocelyn Pick
  2. II. Prayers Ms. Ruby Mañalac
  3. III. Program Expectations by Ms. Ruby Mañalac
  4. IV. Keynote Speaker Introduction by Dr. Jocelyn Pick
  5. V. Keynote Topic: D.O. 208 Series of 2020 — Expectations from Organizations by Ms. Jennifer Obien, DOLE’s Senior Labor and Employment Officer
  6. VI. Topic: Mental Health Awareness by Mr. Erron Christopher Bacalan, RPm
  7. VII. Topic: Coping with Mental Health Challenges by Dr. Mariel Kristine Rubia, RPsy
  8. VIII. Topic: Organizational Wellness by Dr. Maria Vida Caparas, RPsy
  9. IX. Topic: Emotional Wellness by Ms. Ruby Mañalac
  10. X. Topic: Career Pathing or Transitioning by Ms. Abegail Pulma Tongco
  11. XI. Question and Answer
  12. XII. Acknowledgments and Reminders

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