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The Christmas spirit needs to live in the hearts of Filipino families. As our way of keeping the Christmas spirit alive, we are sharing with you a parenting webinar in December.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that every parent needs. The way we, parents, conduct ourselves at home actively affects the people around us. Parents, especially dads, are the emotional thermostat of the home; they determine whether there will be emotional friction or emotional stability. Parents can either drive the people around them crazy or lead them to function in harmony between family members.

This webinar seeks to equip parents with the right understanding of what drives other people’s behavior toward or away from them. In this session, parents will learn observable and research-based principles on how to create a better environment at home. They will learn practical solutions that will empower them to be effective parents, bringing about a positive influence on their children.


Course Objectives:

This parenting webinar is designed to equip parents on how to integrate emotional intelligence skills not just in the workplace but at home. This will help them better manage the emotional climate at home to ensure the optimal functionality of each member of the family. This webinar seeks to engage the participants through a lecture, a workshop, and an interaction to effectively communicate the message.


Program Details:

  1. a. Welcome Remarks/Housekeeping Rules
  2. b. Intro about Emotional Intelligence
  3. c. What is your EI Experience?
  4. d. Reflection on your how you demonstrate EI to your family members
  5. e. Neuroscience of Emotions
  6. f. Understanding what motivates us: Toward or Away response
  7. g. SCARF Model- Contextualized to family relationships
  8. h. Practical tips in creating emotional stability at home
  9. i. Remarks and Announcements
  10. j. What Emovation and LIFESTAGES are all about



Emotional Intelligence Skills for Parents: Creating Emotional Stability At Home Speaker — Dennis Espique

Dennis Espique‘s purpose is to strengthen family relationships by training parents and their children to understand their value and roles in the family by conducting trainings, seminars, and camps.

He is blessed with a faithful and supportive wife, Michelle and they have been married for 21 years. Together they are entrusted with three wonderful and very talented children, Ethan age 19, Sean age 18, and Lara age 15.

Dennis is a resource speaker for Biblical and research-based parenting; marriage; emotional intelligence, digital addiction, and youth leadership.

He is a core team member and a master mentor of The World Needs A Father Philippines; a Genos International Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner, and a Certified Life Coach. He is also a broadcaster and co-anchor of PARE (Parenting and Relationship Enhancement) at FEBC Radio DZAS 702.


Emotional Intelligence Skills for Parents: Creating Emotional Stability at Home Speaker — Ruby Mañalac

Ruby Mañalac is currently the COO of Emovation, Inc., a proud affiliate of The Profiles Group of Companies and is the business unit of emotional intelligence. Spreading emotional intelligence with innovation has become her passion and purpose as she advocates “to heal a currently hurting world” while “bringing out the best in the performances of people”.

She has been with The Profiles Group of Companies for about 14 years as one of the pioneers during its’ inception year 1999. She has served in different capacities and has risen from the ranks to her present role.

Ruby, as a dedicated practitioner of Emotional Intelligence, was interviewed on ANC and CNN regarding this subject matter. Through team efforts, there are now almost a hundred GENOS EI Certified Practitioners in the Philippines.

Some organization partners have been one in championing emotional intelligence as part of their learning and development efforts. As a result, they “have seen immediate behavioral changes” in their people.

Ruby has attended EI certificate courses twice in Sydney, Australia, and was invited as one of the international speakers in the GENOS Singapore International Conference year 2018 for best practices of EI. She was also part of the delegation that attended the GENOS Hawaii, USA International Conference in 2019. She has had over a hundred talks and seminars about emotional intelligence and the response have been wonderful.

She espouses that her greatest learnings on emotional intelligence are through practice and through “life” with her saying “it is best to start taking the first step and progressing.”

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