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We are happy to announce that Emovation is turning two this year!

To celebrate our second anniversary in business, we will introduce you to the new look of our website and our new products and services, which help elevate the human capacity to the fullest for a better world.

Our battle cry is the promotion of wellness and well-being in the academe and public and private sectors. We believe that the welfare of an individual is the core of how one can contribute well to oneself and the environment.

As our anniversary offering, participants who attend our free session this June will have a chance to win any of the following:

  • DISC Personality Profiling Assessment
  • Fourteen-day access to any course in LearnED’s (our learning management system) catalog and a digital certificate of completion when relevant course criteria are met
  • GCash load

This webinar is for HR professionals, CEOs, business owners, individual consultants, people in the academe, and people who want to make a difference in their lives and other people’s lives.

I. Opening Remarks
II. Prayer
III. Webinar Etiquette
IV. Company Introduction
V. Why We Chose Wellness and Well-Being
VI. Deloitte’s Video on Wellness and Well-Being
VII. The Empowered Individual
VIII. Family Matters
IX. Aspirations for the Academe
X. Raffle
XI. Heartful Coaching
XII. The Soul of the Organization
XIII. Question-and-Answer Portion
XIV. Acknowledgments
XV. Closing Remarks

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