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Technology can either substitute human labor by taking over routinary and codifiable human tasks or complement human labor by allowing people to focus on their strengths, such as idea generation, intuitive decision making, and emotional reasoning. In both aspects, technology can be regarded as a transformative “rehumanizing” factor, uplifting personhood and bringing out the best of creativity in people.

Although technological applications, such as ATMs and implementations of extended reality, have made customer experience more impersonal, they have shortened waiting lines in the bank and have helped individuals capture rich experiences of events and sceneries which could before be accessed only by travel.

In this talk, examples of how technology can be used to address personal, business, and societal challenges to improve human potential will be discussed.

Event details may change without prior notice. Please take note that no certificates will be given for this webinar.

The course outline includes:

  • Transformative technologies that have emerged and are emerging.
  • Digital transformation impact on the Filipino during the pandemic
  • Enhancement of the emotional experience in Cirque du Soleil
  • Enrichment of the customer experience in 7-11, Freshippo, and Amazon Store
  • Digital disruptions in health

How People in Business Enhance Experiences through Technology Facilitator — Dr. Raul Rodriguez

Raul P. Rodriguez, PhD’s corporate career covers 40-plus years in the Information Technology and Organization Development fields.   He was a senior manager for Systems and later for Organization Development in National Steel Corporation, IT Director in Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc., Vice-President for IT in ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, and IT and Corporate Services Head in Maynilad Water Services Corporation.  He also was General Manager for SPI Technologies, Inc. and SVI Billing Solutions, Inc.

Concurrent to his corporate career, Raul has been a part-time lecturer in Ateneo’s Gokongwei School of Management and at Enderun Colleges. Presently, Raul is a clinical professor and academic program director of the Executive MBA program at AIM.

He teaches courses in strategic management and organization development. He is active in the seminar circuit, conducting programs in strategic project management, strategic planning, and organization development. He is a certified UNCTAD Business Management Systems advisor.  Raul underwent a special leadership program in Mt. Eliza College in Melbourne, Australia.  He earned his degree in B.S. Management Engineering, Cum Laude, from Ateneo and earned his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, major in Organization Development also from Ateneo.

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