Strategic Partner — Genos International

Genos International was formed in August 2002 by Swinburne University to bring to the market the first Australian model and measure of emotional intelligence developed by Dr. Ben Palmer and Prof. Con Stough. Since this time, Genos has grown into an integrated product and service firm now operating in Australia and the UK, with an extensive partner network offering Genos assessments and programs across North America, South America, Europe, India, China, South Africa, South East Asia, and New Zealand. The partnership in the Philippines was officially forged in November of 2016 through Emovation with over 100 Filipinos certified as GENOS Emotional Intelligence Practitioners.

Strategic Partner — QELi

QELi is an innovative not-for-profit organization committed to delivering excellence in leadership by supporting education leaders to establish a strong vision, improve student outcomes, and lead change in their school context and wider school communities. QELi and Emovation are looking towards harnessing soft or “core” skills in the academe focusing on wellness and well-being not only as a state of being but also of mind and emotions.

Strategic Partner — Retail Academy of the Philippines

The Retail Academy Philippines is the premier provider of learning and development in the pre-requisites of retailing as a business. RAP founder, Mr. Eric Caeg, is a premier facilitator in SME expertise as well as an accredited ICF coach.

Strategic Partner — Workbank

Workbank is a job portal for both job seekers and companies across all industries—from entry-level to hard-to-fill skilled workforce levels. It is accessible online and via mobile phone in real-time, anytime, anywhere. Workbank is designed to offer web and mobile-based recruitment management solutions, allowing candidates to stay in the loop when it comes to job vacancies. Moreover, it aims to give recruiters access to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other resources that will make recruitment easier.

Strategic Partner — Skillbean

SkillBean is a platform as a service company. They help companies understand their workforce training needs by analyzing skill and competency gaps. Then they map those gaps to the appropriate training either through the company’s internal training offerings or the external training in their carefully curated marketplace of over 2,000 courses across 4 product categories: online learning, classroom-based learning, certifications/assessments, and events/conferences.