Emovation Emotional Intelligence Facilitators

Dennis Espique

Dennis Espique is a Catalyst of Societal Transformation.

His life purpose is to strengthen family relationships by training parents and their children to understand their value and roles in the family by conducting training, seminars, and camps.

He is blessed with a faithful and supportive wife, Michelle and they have been married for 22 years. Together, they are entrusted with three wonderful and very talented children—Ethan, Sean, and Lara.

Dennis is also a conference speaker and trainer on Biblical and Research-based Principles of Parenting and Marriage; Applied Emotional Intelligence, Applied Neuroscience at Work, Home and School, Digital Addiction, Education Optimization, and Youth Leadership.

He is a social entrepreneur, founder and owner of LIFESTAGES Training and Development, a Board Member and Master Mentor of The World Needs A Father Philippines, a Genos International Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Coach, and Trainer, a Certified Brain Based Coach by the Results Coaching Inc., Neuro-leadership Institute, a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner, and a Broadcaster and Co-Anchor of PARE (Parenting and Relationship Enhancement) at FEBC Radio DZAS 702.

Dax Cobarrubias

Dax Cobarrubias is a meditation teacher and corporate consultant specializing in Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). He became a Certified Meditation Teacher as a graduate of the Veda Center’s 200-Hour Teacher Training Program and has created a popular corporate workshop called “Unplug: How to Recharge in a Volatile & Uncertain World through Mindfulness”. He brings a unique approach to teaching Mindfulness and EQ by presenting them as a beneficial and essential tool for peak performance; these are delivered through doable exercises that can turn into winning daily habits. His vision is to demystify mindfulness and EQ, make it accessible to anyone, and give people the skills to experience life with emerging awareness. Currently, he has expanded his expertise teaching cognitive tools with a mindfulness-based conversational approach. This new program has been proven to be an effective intervention for a diverse range of clinical conditions including workplace stress, depression, and anxiety.

Aside from being a former business management professor in De LaSalle University, here’s a list of Dax Cobarrubias certifications: Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor by the Bikram College of India, Certified Mindful Yin Yoga Teacher by the Yin Yoga in Asia, Certified Action Learning Coach by the World Institute of Action Learning, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher by The Veda Center, and a Certified Workplace Resilience Facilitator by the Ateneo-CORD.

Emotionally Intelligent Coaching — Coach Eric Caeg

Eric Caeg

Eric Caeg is a Professional Coach (ICF) whose focus is on Business Coaching. Currently, he is a Business and HR Consultant for various companies in the Retail, Food, and Manufacturing Industries.

His professional expertise is in the areas of Human Resources, Organizational Development, Sales and Operations and Marketing. From his 20 plus years of working, he has served in various capacities rising from the rank from Junior Marketing Assistant to Sales & Marketing Head, General Manager, and as Human Resources Director.

He attended a Diploma Course on Managing and Measuring Corporate Performance, at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and another Diploma Course on Retail Excellence, at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Center for Continuing Education where he is also a recipient of the Program Director’s Award. Mr. Eric also has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship obtained from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2001 where he is a recipient of the Guru’s Commendation. He has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, San Beda College Manila, Major in Marketing, and is awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Marketing Student Award of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). In 2016, he became a Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

His involvement in various professional organizations include being an incoming 2017 Board Member and Director for Government and Consumer Affairs of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), a member of the Executive Committee and Deputy Chairman for the Membership Committee, International Coach Federation Philippines (2016-2017), a member of the Philippine Retailers Association, the largest Organization of Retailers in the Philippines, a member of the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc., the Leading Organization of the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and in 2005, he was the past president of the Don Bosco Alumni Philippine National Federation (DBAPNF), the umbrella organization of all the Alumni Associations of Don Bosco schools in the Philippines, where he is still a member.

Eric is also an Author for the Black Card Books, an International Publishing Company led by the best-selling author of the Millionaire Mind, Mr. Gerry Robert.

Reggie Garganera

Reggie is a Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Life Coach, and entrepreneur. She’s the Managing Director of Maven HR Transformation Solutions, Inc. and has worked with reputable private businesses and government organizations in line with Human Resources, Learning, and Organization Development.

Reggie is also a resource person not just for organizations but also to individuals seeking encouragement, hope, and light like women in special sectors of society.

She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College where she finished BS Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, and Marketing Management. An MBA candidate from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Reggie also took a Master’s in Special Education from the Centro Escolar University.

Kevin McGourty

Kevin has lived on both the east coast and west coast of the U.S. Traveling is in his future as he is in the midst of acquiring his Irish citizenship since both grandparents were born in Ireland. Kevin completed a Ph.D. in Psychology, with his doctoral research on emotional intelligence and successfulness among real estate agents. Kevin’s work experience includes being a commercial and residential real estate agent in the U.S. and Canada, as well as holding positions in management and marketing in the transportation and telecommunication sectors. Currently, Kevin is a Leadership Development Trainer for the state of Arizona. He is a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, National Association of REALTORS®, and certified in Genos Emotional Intelligence assessments.

Ruby Mañalac

Ruby Mañalac is currently the COO of Emovation, Inc., the business unit of emotional intelligence and proud affiliate of The Profiles Group of Companies. Her passion, and purpose, is to spread emotional intelligence with innovation as she advocates healing a currently hurting world while bringing out the best in the performances of people.

She has been with The Profiles Group of Companies for about 14 years as one of the pioneers during the company’s inception in 1999. She has served in different capacities and has risen from the ranks to her present role.

Ruby, as a dedicated practitioner of Emotional Intelligence, was interviewed on ANC and CNN regarding this subject matter.

Ruby has attended EI certificate courses twice in Sydney, Australia, and was invited as one of the international speakers in the GENOS Singapore International Conference year 2018 for best practices of EI. She was also part of the delegation that attended the GENOS Hawaii, USA International Conference in 2019. She has had over a hundred talks and seminars about emotional intelligence and the response have been wonderful.

She espouses that her greatest learnings on emotional intelligence are through practice and through life with her saying, “It is best to start taking the first step and progressing.”